The power of a customized T-shirt Print as a marketing tool

t-shirt makers in Nigeria, branded tshirt, cutomized tshirtsOne of the most powerful tools of marketing has always been the branded T-shirt. T-shirts branded with a company’s message or logo has a way to embedding a message in the subconscious without appearing intrusive. One of the best gifts I got as a child was a customized T-shirt my mum bought for me with the message “Mum and dad went to San Francisco and all I got is this lousy t-shirt”. As you can see I memorized the message and can remember it 30+ years later. It got so much attention people would stop me on the road to ask if my mum really got it from San Francisco, some were just amused by it. The point I want to make is that it got people’s attention to the point of getting feedback from them. After that as a grownup marketing a certain product I got another branded T-shirt with the message “Want to be rich? Ask me how”. Boy! The response was mind blowing.

What value does a branded t-shirt bring to an organization? Why use a customized T-shirt for promotional?

It is a walking advertisement.

It is among the best marketing tools.

It works overtime.

It outlasts the campaign period.

It is cost effective.

Customized t-shirt as a promotional item is a proven method that works, that is why every known company uses it be it in sports, campaigns, entertainment, academics etc.

If you haven’t started using t-shirts for your brand campaigns yet, start and make your impact felt. is a Nigerian based branding company.

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