Tips to consider for making your promotional t-shirts

Looking to make your Promotional T-shirts with us? Consider the following tips:

• Always look for a fresh and new ways to promote your brand through creative t-shirt designs.
• Find ways to keep it in the public eyes, an example is having your employees wear them or use them as incentives for your clients
• Make the design creative but simple enough that anyone you’ve given it to would find a use for it even after the event.
• Come up with creative ways to distribute the items, such as presenting them in good packages, or during major trade shows or events.
• Always, and it means always, brand your design by incorporating the business logo. For startup businesses, most think that adding a logo is irrelevant because people don’t recognize it yet. Well, that is exactly the point why you should do it – to establish a brand and introduce a logo that they will associate your business with.

Our team will help you with the above tips and more i.e source, design and sew.


marel media t-shirtmarel media t-shirt 2

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