Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Small Business

Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Small Business
Despite the attention given to digital marketing, printed marketing collateral hasn’t lost its relevance. Print materials and promotional products are tangible expressions of your brand and remain vital parts of any successful small business marketing plan.
Printing is more affordable than ever, which means your marketing budget goes even further. You can get inexpensive 2-sided business cards on high-quality paper, professional signage that grabs attention, and useful promotional products to extend your brand. And many printers offer graphic design services like logo design, making it even easier to present a big-time image on a small-time budget.

Use these suggestions from marketing experts and small business owners to create and make good use of offline marketing materials.

Printed Marketing Collateral

Business Cards:  images (10)   images (11)

These little pieces of paper really pack a punch. Customers can grab a few to share with friends, and you can hand them out at expos, professional meetings and even social events. Wallet-friendly loyalty cards are cost-effective incentives that encourage repeat business and build fans. Choose a nice promotional item or apparel to reward customers when their cards are complete, or offer free or discounted product from your inventory.
For a more impressive look, go for a coated or glossy stock paper, metal or plastic, or make your business card do double duty by using the backside as an appointment card.

Posters & Banners:  roll up 6         flying banner

Large-format graphics or roll up banner get attention and allow you to show off products or announce a special offer or promotion. Use oversize format printing to make a full-color poster for an upcoming event, Mounted oversized prints on foam core make perfect store signage

Brochures & Flyers:     bro 2    bro 1

Even in this day of digital and mobile everything, these printed marketing collateral materials are still important marketing tools. Brochures and flyers are important as a way to present your information quickly and remind your customers about your products and services. You can deploy these materials in direct mail marketing campaigns to prospective or current customers, or use brochure holders to display the materials at the front counter and in trade show or expo booths.

Direct Mail: Data from the USPS shows that 79% percent of consumers read or scan advertising mail and find direct mail more convenient than going online. And the Direct Marketing Association found direct mail marketing is seven times more effective than all digital channels combined. You can design brochures and flyers to be sent through the mail, or use these other options for a small business direct mail campaign:

Postcards: Put your logo on a card to promote events or specials to customers, or as thank-you and holiday message notes to loyal patrons. If you have a great image or graphic — a historic storefront or a unique product — create picture postcards for customers to take along as mementos or to send to friends.

Branded Envelopes & Letterhead:  grphic
Investing in high-quality envelopes and letterhead emblazoned with your small business’s logo is always a smart decision. The envelopes establish a good first impression for direct mail campaigns, as well as when mailing invoices, gift cards and correspondence.

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